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BELAY is the main Virtual Staffing Solutions organization. Built up in 2010, our very own organization is 100% virtual and we have won a few honors for our way of life and worker fulfillment. Utilizing this home developed skill, we have made a restrictive coordinating procedure that enables us to coordinate your work character with one of our U.S based virtual masters.

Belay Full Review

These are not your normal individuals, our meeting procedure is more thorough than Harvard's, just tolerating simply over 3% of the individuals who apply, ensuring that you are banded together with an inconceivable colleague.

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Review -

Belay propelled as an organization giving remote helpers to organizations requiring help overseeing email, timetables and ventures. It moved into accounting, content composition and web administrations with the buy of MAG Bookkeeping among others. Presently the organization matches telecommuters to organizations requiring administration in four regions — composing, website architecture, virtual help and accounting.

Laborer audits are commonly positive and the site guarantees pay going from $15 to $30 every hour. Be that as it may, specialists are just paid once every month, so it is anything but a decent choice in the event that you have to gain cash in a rush.

In case you're searching for all day work, you may likewise need to look at Indeed and Glassdoor, which are profoundly evaluated employment sheets.

What their workers say -

"You work for yourself. You make your own timetable. BELAY energizes this standard among you and your customer, and this at last makes the ideal life/work balance. Corporate style representative interface makes it simple for you to become familiar with every one of the instruments required as a menial helper/accountant/and so forth. Above all, the inspiration and thoughtfulness regarding organization assurance makes working for BELAY a joy. Then again, pay isn't that extraordinary. As I would see it, this activity is better as an enhancement pay to your accomplice's pay. Or on the other hand an option in contrast to childcare and low maintenance on location work.

While I get the advantages of being a self employed entity – particularly with regards to calendar and remaining burden the board – I don't feel like I am separated from everyone else in my activity. I especially feel like I have a lot of help, and that the organization thinks about both me AND my family.

This activity requires a lot of self-inspiration – nobody is truly determining the status of you on an everyday premise. This isn't a con, fundamentally. In any case, if working freely is hard for you, this may not be the activity for you. Likewise, telecommuting/remotely can take some becoming accustomed to. While it is incredible that I can work and furthermore, for instance, do the clothing – it took me a while to have the option to build up great limits among "work" and "home".

"They can end your agreement whenever, without notice or reason. I had superb audits from the customers I worked with however changes required the one customer to end their agreement with Belay. Belay convoluted and dumped me as opposed to giving me another customer. Pay is once every month so plan charges in like manner. To the executives: Stop overselling your organization. You can't put individuals with customers who end up having temp work and sell it as a set hours gig with no closure date. You state you're extraordinary at coordinating individuals however yet I was compelled to work for one of most self-important and upsetting individuals I can envision and I was not permitted to end from my end except if the customer consents to it. Should need to reveal that to individuals in advance – the VA may not end singularly."

BELAY Requirements -

  • Four year college education is liked
  • Experience working remotely with others
  • At least 5 years experience as an Executive Assistant, venture supervisor, or another authoritative help job
  • Home office with a calm, diversion free workspace
  • Macintosh or PC with a base 1.0 GHz double center processor, a webcam, and the latest variant of MS Office, including Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint
  • Fast web get to
  • Cell phone with email abilities

Key Characteristics of a BELAY Virtual Assistant -

BELAY is a specialist organization, so in the event that you need to work for BELAY, you'll should be administration situated. Here are some different qualities that BELAY searches for in their Virtual Assistant temporary workers:

  • Reliable with delicate customer data
  • Dependable and ready to finish undertakings speedily
  • Comprehend, or capacity to find out about, cloud-based advances
  • Capable in present day innovation and programming
  • Self-spurred and ready to work alone
  • Ready to pass on expert certainty and self-restraint under pressure
  • Anxious to adapt new things

BELAY's Virtual Assistant Job Description -

1. BELAY is taking applications for remote helper temporary workers. Here are the kinds of errands you will be approached to do as a BELAY Virtual Assistant.

2. Timetable gatherings and other schedule the executives capacities, for example, booking meetings and travel, just as making changes

3. Email association and the board, including reacting for your customer's benefit, hailing significant messages, or notwithstanding making an email the executives framework for your customer

4. Online life the executives which may incorporate planning utilizing applications, for example, HootSuite, Buffer, Blogger, and WordPress; commonality with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube

5. Make work process forms

6. Research innovations and make proposals to your customer dependent on their needs

7. CRM organization, for example, making updates or entering information

8. Occasion arranging and task the executives

BELAY Application Process -

To apply to be a Virtual Assistant for BELAY, click here and after that snap Apply Now. You can promptly choose to Apply with LinkedIn or complete the mentioned data.

You'll begin by giving fundamental individual information, for example, name, address, email, and telephone. You would then be able to append a duplicate of your resume, or glue it into a clear field. Next is an introductory letter.

From that point forward, they pose a progression of inquiries. A portion of these inquiries resemble a test:
  • Most elevated amount of training
  • Is it true that you are 18 or more seasoned?
  • LinkedIn and Twitter profiles
  • Your site, blog, or advanced portfolio
  • What dialects do you talk smoothly?
  • Wanted compensation
  • Have you at any point been sentenced for a crime? In the event that you answer yes to this, they have a field where you can portray the situation around the conviction.
  • Do you as of now live in the US?
  • On the off chance that you were alluded by a BELAY VA or Corporate Team part, give their name
  • What sort of PC do you claim?
  • What is the perfect number of hours you might want to work?
  • Have you at any point functioned as a 1099 contractual worker?
  • As a 1099 contractual worker, I should make good on my own regulatory expenses. (This is a valid/false inquiry, and the appropriate response is True)
  • For what reason would you like to fill in as a BELAY Virtual Assistant?
  • Is it accurate to say that you are OK beginning with less hours than you need, however ready to develop to at least 20 hours out of each week?
  • Do you have Monday through Friday daytime accessibility from 8 am to 5 pm? You won't work all day, however you'll need "accessible as needs be" accessibility so as to have open correspondence with your customers.
  • Number years experience as an Executive Assistant, Project Manager, or in some other job straightforwardly supporting administrators
  • Do you claim a cell phone with email and pop-up message abilities?
  • Which word is spelled effectively?
  • Which sentence has the right utilization of the words you're and your?
  • Which is right: impact or influence?
  • Which sentence has the right utilization of syntax?
  • Which sentence is effectively punctuated?
  • When making an agenda for an Executive, which snippet of data isn't vital?
  • Depict your latest inbox the board understanding or any preparation you've had here.
  • What do you feel is the most ideal approach to address an issue with your customer or partner?
  • On the off chance that you are approached to finish a task utilizing a program you haven't utilized previously, in what capacity will you react to your customer?
  • In 25 words or less, what makes you extraordinary?
  • Select all email stages you are alright with or use routinely.
  • Select every social medium stages you are capable in or use all the time for business.
  • Select all bookkeeping or cost detailing programs with which you are commonplace.
  • Select all applications you are capable in for making records, spreadsheets, and introductions.
  • Select all web conferencing applications you are capable in utilizing.
  • Select all assignment the executives programs you have experience utilizing.
  • It is safe to say that you know about any Church applications?
  • Select all CRM applications you are capable in utilizing.
  • Do you have Microsoft Office at present introduced on your PC?

The application appears to be long, however this data will help BELAY coordinate your aptitudes with the requirements of a customer. Most customer's searching for VAs aren't searching for the majority of the abilities recorded, so don't get debilitated on the off chance that you don't have involvement in everything recorded here, these are only a large portion of the conceivable outcomes a potential customer might search for.

The amount Does BELAY Pay?

As a BELAY Virtual Assistant, you will begin somewhere in the range of $15 and $18 every hour. Your rate depends on your abilities and experience.

BELAY employs their Virtual Assistants as independent contractual workers. This is a 1099 position which means annual assessments are not retained, and you will be in charge of paying them.

When Does BELAY Pay?

As indicated by a Glassdoor audit, BELAY pays once month to month.

BELAY Schedule -

All occupations begin at 5 hours of the week, yet you should almost certainly handle up to at least 20 hours out of every week. Despite the fact that these are low maintenance hours, you should be "accessible as needs be" and accessible from 8 am to 5 pm. Your real occupation adaptability will be dictated by your customer or customers. A great many people who left surveys said that the adaptable calendar was decent.

Belay Alternatives -

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