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Codeable is the #1 web based redistributing administration for WordPress.

With 275+ handpicked and pre-screened WordPress specialists, we have finished over 53.5K+ ventures since the start of 2013, with 98.9% of them accepting a 5-star rating.

We're a considerable amount not the same as the majority of the other redistributing destinations on the web, in that the majority of our WordPress designers have been deliberately screened and confirmed to guarantee they fulfill our high guidelines of giving quality correspondence (in English), clean code, and responsiveness.


Introduction -

Howdy! My name is Marcel and I've been producing for WordPress for more than 10 years currently, web improvement for more than 20 and local portable advancement for 5. While at present situated in the lovely city of Porto, Portugal, I've collected an enormous involvement in WooCommerce and web based business related sites by and large, by creating custom modules, modifying subjects, actualizing full start to finish online stores and building electronic and local versatile applications. I'm likewise extremely acquainted with announcing, stock administration, mailing records, high-performant web based business sites, bringing in and sending out information from and to APIs, and general online business consultancy.

Codeable Full Review

I'm familiar with English, German, Portuguese, and Spanish, I am constantly accessible through Skype and have a genuine promise to each extend I get into.

I will probably take a shot at strong, well-thought tasks, and fabricate long haul connections. I need my customers to feel upheld and sure about their activities and the innovation behind it.

Expertise -

These are a portion of the customizations I've made while working with WordPress and WooCommerce:
  • A wide range of Gravity Forms and Formidable customizations;
  • Custom installment and delivery strategies in WooCommerce;
  • Execution of enrollment arrangements;
  • Outside APIs mixes;
  • Execution of digital forms of money as installment strategies;
  • Mass import/send out information to/from WordPress and WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce Bookings mixes and customizations
  • ERP mixes
  • Site improvements and bug fixes

Additional information -

To the extent my work at Codeable is concerned, 80% of my new customers return for extra assignments. Every one of my customers have looked into me with 5 begins and their tributes can be perused further down this page.

I've been dealing with various results of my own, some of them offered to greater organizations, for example, iThemes and Liquidweb. I likewise complete a great deal of counseling work for greater internet business is driven business locally and universally.

As a side interest, I like to do photography, shoot recordings, fly around with my automaton and play music (drums, guitar, low pitch guitar, and consoles). I'm additionally included with the neighborhood WordPress people group where I gave 4 talks throughout the previous 5 years at WordCamp Porto and helped sorted out 2018's release.

Bad Codeable Reviews -

We should begin with the terrible. As a Codeable master, I have been lucky in that I have not gotten any awful customer audits. I have gotten 2 under 5/5 evaluations, one of 4 and one of 3. That works out to a 97% 5/5 rating. Not equivalent to average Codeable master 98.9% rate yet at the same time truly great in my books. In my own barrier, the 3 star rating was from an undertaking where I connected for a necessities social occasion task, finished the prerequisites gathering, presented the necessities record and after that my gauge to finish the work required and the customer picked to not finish the venture. I'm not 100% beyond any doubt why they at that point evaluated me 3/5, as I finished the undertaking we conceded to. I can just envision that they accepted my statement was excessively high.

Good Codeable Reviews -

It's constantly decent to lead on from the awful news to the uplifting news, so we should investigate my great Codeable surveys. On my Codeable profile, you can see the 15 latest customer appraisals and surveys I've gotten. You'll see that a few customers decide to only rate my work, some are glad to leave a survey. This is completely up to them, however I value whatever they do. Getting a 5/5 customer rating or an incredible survey truly puts the spring in my progression.

These are generally genuine customers, who I've finished undertakings for, running from little changes to bigger module customisations.

Ugly Codeable Reviews -

There are dependably extends that turn out badly. Once more, I've been lucky that I've just had two turn out badly during my time at Codeable. The multiple times very similar things occurred. Codeable client backing ventured in, assumed control over the undertaking and either discovered another engineer or discounted the task. In the two occurrences, I was really the second individual to chip away at the undertaking, the association with the customer and master having officially turned out badly. In the principal example, the customer was discounted and they were helped by Codeable client backing to post another venture, with a superior undertaking depiction. In the second the customer was discounted half of the task sum, as half of the undertaking was finished. The multiple times I lost cash yet took in a profitable exercise and was awed with how Codeable regarded their quality guarantee and unconditional promise.

Codeable Alternatives -

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