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CONTENS is a business web content administration framework created by the Munich-based maker CONTENS Software GmbH since 1999. The product takes into consideration the creation, the executives and distribution of Internet and Intranet pages with no programming learning. The primary form 1.0 was discharged in 2000. The present framework is created in Java , ColdFusion and JavaScript and is accessible for Windows , Linux , Mac and Solaris . 

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System Concept, Architecture -

The Web Content Management System CONTENS is intended to oversee, procedure and distribute organized and unstructured substance. Organized substance can be put away in SQL and NoSQL databases.

CONTENS enables you to deal with numerous locales in a single establishment, for example, Eg Website, Intranet and Newsletter or Website Germany, Website France, Website Spain. Every site can be made in various language renditions.

The framework has highlights, for example, libraries, consents, age and dissemination, and substance forming and filing. Consents and work processes can likewise be utilized for undertaking explicit applications that can be incorporated into the CMS. An uncommon element is the structure and model generator, with which backends can be arranged and created in the CONTENS Look and Feel for overseeing outer databases.

The CONTENS CMS can be introduced on at least one publication servers and distribute content on at least one live servers. Contingent upon the undertaking necessities, figure escalated procedures can be redistributed to other administration servers to mitigate the publication server.

Pages can be distributed statically ( HTML , JavaScript ), progressively ( CFML , JSP , PHP , ASP.NET ) and half and half. Static pages have a moderate burden time because of quick accessibility on the web server. Dynamic pages can generally show the most forward-thinking content when called by the site guest because of page age. Substance oversaw in CONTENS can likewise be conveyed to applications ( JSON , XML , RDL , RSS , ...).

The utilitarian extent of CONTENS can be reached out in a secluded manner. Client information can be synchronized from at least one Active Directories. The API and different interfaces permit information trade with different applications. The API can be utilized to call CMS capacities from different applications.

Jobs, gatherings, and authorizations can be utilized to characterize access rights to pages, substance, and the board regions. Consents incorporate perusing, making, adjusting, distributing and erasing, in addition to other things.

Manage Content and Pages -

CONTENS oversees advanced substance, for example, content, pictures, documents in unreservedly structurable items that are made on pages publication or mechanized.

Items (eg articles, news, feature, download, ...) are characterized in article classes and can be arranged from in excess of 40 distinctive substance components (eg textline, Richtext, picture, record, date, labels, ...) as per prerequisites and created in the CMS. Each substance thing can be arranged per article class, for instance as
  • required or discretionary
  • monolingual or multilingual
  • Simple use or different use

what's more, depicting venture explicit titles, clarifications and help writings. The article classes can be reached out whenever and produced with a single tick.

Notwithstanding the real substance, meta data, for example, legitimacy, classifications, status can be entered for each item, which can be utilized for programmed playback. Each substance can be overseen in various language variants. The SplitScreen view permits the parallel presentation of two language adaptations for the restriction of substance and pages.

To fabricate pages, editors in CONTENS make new substance or select substance from the library to put on a page as an example or as a duplicate. The robotized, dynamic yield of substance is made conceivable by means of movable channel criteria.

The idea of numerous utilization enables a similar substance to be utilized at various areas, for example On the site, on the intranet and in the pamphlet. Moreover, substance can be settled inside one another: A picture item comprising of the picture document, the alt content and an inscription can be utilized independently on a page or as an image component in an article. This stays away from information redundancies.

Substance is shown in CONTENS utilizing templates. A similar substance can be given distinctively various styles on the site and in the bulletin as far as format and plan. The CONTENS CMS in this way accomplishes an exacting division of substance, structure and introduction (format and plan).

The page structure in CONTENS is overseen by a page tree, which can be arranged by drag and drop. To refresh content, approved editors distribute a page region, single page, or substance.

Activity -

The taking care of and altering of pages and substance in CONTENS happens through a graphical WYSIWYG UI in a present internet browser. The establishment of extra programming on the customer isn't required.

Editors alter the substance in a live view and find in the CMS backend what the outcome after the discharge will resemble. A page can be formed editorially from a few items. Substance can be situated on a page utilizing drag and drop and cross-page reorder.

New pages and substance can be made in the backend with two ticks. All substance is overseen in a focal library with faceted inquiry. All inquiry and channel settings can be spared in the library as pursuit profiles.

Singular information stocks, for example, item or store information, can be overseen in individual back-closes that have a similar look and comprise of indistinguishable parts from the remainder of the administration zones (for instance, configurable rundown see with faceted pursuit, detail see).

The organization of framework information, for example, object classes, layouts, locales, language variants, gatherings, jobs and editors is in the organization region. Consents can be utilized to characterize which supervisor gatherings approach which organization regions.

 Format Language -

The layout language used to render straightforward, static substance, for example, content or HTML, is CFML ( ColdFusion ). On the yield side, any powerful language, for example, PHP , JSP , XML or CFML , can be utilized. This guarantees existing web applications can be incorporated and reused.

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