My Secret Trips for new blogger to Rank you’r website / Beginner SEO Trips

My Secret  Trips for new blogger  to Rank your website / Beginner SEO Trips


Beginner SEO Trips

Some Important things you are always remember your mind and never forget .This SEO trips are very important your new blog/website ranking.  If you keep these things in mind before start a new blog / website, 100 % they rank them within the last 3 to 4 months.. So Implement these trips in your blog / website and then see the results three to four months later.. 

Beginner SEO Trips

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Make a Blog Title Using Keywords
  3. Write SEO Optimize Articles + Give Your Article Good Look
  4. Daily One Article in Website / Blog 


   1. Keyword Research –

First do a keyword research about the post you write. You can search this keyword using any free or paid keyword research tool. Best paid keyword research tool are Ahref and Free Keyword research tool are Google Keyword Planner.

a. Ahref –

Ahrefs is the most up to date passage into the connection research tool space. They utilize their own bot and their very own record (which they state depends on data from a trillion site associations). 

They guarantee their record is refreshed at every 30 minutes and the crisp data is accessible to their clients inside 30 minutes of the genuine list revive. 

Ahrefs likewise has a ranking database of about 45 million keywords from 9 distinct nations (US GB FR RU DE ES IT AU BR).

Ahrefs tool

The tool inside their participation is:

  • Site Explorer
  • SERPs Analysis
  • Reports
  • Labs/Tools
Their valuing is extremely straight-forward and just increments or diminishes dependent on volume of information you approach.

Visit Ahrefs Tool

b. Google Keyword Planner –

The Keyword Planner is a piece of the Google Ad words advertising stage. It enables clients to research and analyze arrangements of keywords for use in pay-per-click campaigns.
The keyword planner is structured as a paid search tool however its information is in any case very helpful for SEOs. 

Google Keyword Planner

Utilizing the Google Keyword Planner you can research:

Keyword thoughts dependent on an expression, greeting page or item classification
Normal month to month scan volume for a particular period 

Search volume trends for a solitary keyword or gathering of keyword after some time
This guide diagrams the highlights and usefulness of the Keyword Planner, talking about how you should approach the instrument just as certain admonitions you should remember when utilizing its information. 

The Keyword Planner is an integral asset, but at the same time it's a piece of a promoting stage and intensely situated towards paid pursuit. 

As a result of this the Keyword Planner ought to never be the only tool you use for keyword research or your solitary wellspring of keyword information.    

Visit Google Keyword Planner


2. Make a Blog Title Using Keyword –

Whenever you write a article/blog title you want to have in your mind as if the keyword belonging to that article is definitely in that title.

Title Keyword

Always try to use some Magical Words:-

1.       How to

2.       Tips 

3.       Why

4.       Where

5.       Things to Do For Travel Blogger

6.       Ways

7.       Lists

8.       What is

9.       Guide

3. Write SEO Optimize Articles + Give Your Article Good Look –

There are a large number of various sorts of articles, including news stories, highlights, profiles, instructional articles, etc. While every ha explicit characteristics that are one of a kind to its sort, all articles share some regular attributes. From shaping and inquiring about your plan to composing and altering your work, composing articles can allow you to impart convincing and significant data to peruses.
In the event that you truly need to have any kind of effect for yourself or for your customers, without research, you are just shooting in obscurity. 

In this stage, you need to decide a couple of things:

  • Keyword to target
  • Length of the article
  • Type of the article
  • Analyze existing articles for framework
  • Interlink and Anchor Text

Composing a decent article requires two things: great content and great technique.

There's a great deal of commotion to go up against when composing on the Internet. Anybody can compose something, post it, and consider it an article — in the data age, the meaning of an article has turned into an exceptionally obscured line. The line among good and bad, be that as it may, is significantly more characterized — and seemingly, increasingly significant. 

Great content is moderately simple to make. A great many people don't understand it, yet everyone has fascinating things to state. Great system is more enthusiastically — it can appear to be theoretical and nuanced, and it's frequently what represents the deciding moment an article.

The last and implicit rule of good writing is practice. Practice, practice, practice. Rehearsing one's art is the manner by which one consummates it. Practice until you disguise the structure and structure of a decent article, and creating them turns out to be natural. 

Everyone has something fascinating to state. You have more to share than you understand — and the world is consistently needing significant, convincing substance that passes on information and enables individuals to get it.

4. Daily 1 article in website/blog  -

Beginner SEO Trips

If your try rank your website / blog  in Google then you need daily one article post your website . It’s a very important things in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Google always promotes those websites that are active in Every day. If you post one article daily on your website / blog than they will understand that you are a active Blogger than Google promote your website / blog .So your try a post daily one article in your website. One best way to set  a time table for write a article On Your Website(Don’t Be Lazy). And Follow Your Time Table for 4-5 Month’s ( Don’t  miss your time table )


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