Top 6 Best Free Blogging Platform to Create a Website and Make Money

Top 6  Best Free Blogging Platform to Create a Website

On the off chance that you would prefer not in any case a self-hosted blog platform and become a genuine blogger, there's constantly an create to make a free blog with the help of one of the many free blogging platform.

Top 6  Best Free Blogging Platform

You'll have a many of limitations, yet in any event you'll have a virtual spot where you can put down your ideas, thoughts, etc. It very well may be your secret diary as traffic (guests) once in a while discover their approach to sites based on even the best free blog platform.

The Content structure of the blog websites is fundamentally the same as, similar to when you open a blog in your internet browser, you will see the most recent distributed post on the home page, the dialog enclose the post, and numerous creators posting on the blog.

Top 6  Best Free Blogging Platform to Create a Website –

1.    Wordpress
2.    Blogger
3.    Tumblr
4.    Wix
5.    Medium
6.    Weebly

1. – should be your top decision from the best free blog platform. It's use by over 52% of the all the many of bloggers and it has the biggest help community. Many top websites, keep running on self-hosted WordPress, for example, Sony, eBay, and NASA.

Top 6  Best Free Blogging Platform

On the off chance that you can purchase web hosting, at that point I prescribe going to and launching a self-hosted blog.

2. –

Blogger is a totally free blogging service with which you can begin any type of blog. It is an extremely common option for people who need to begin a blog, numerous successful and well known bloggers on the internet have begun their blogging career with, and this ought to be your first decision as well.

Top 6  Best Free Blogging Platform is the second biggest blogging platform claimed by the search Goliath Google. While some state it's superior to WordPress – I strongly differ here. It has less layouts to from and does not have as much as features as WordPress has.

The best thing about it is possessed and maintained up by Google, and like other Google items, your's blog will be a piece of your Google Account. Every one of the features in the blogging platform are free, including site themes, gadgets, custom domain mapping and that's just the beginning. You can monetize your blog with advertisements by Google Adsense and make money online.

3. –

Tumblr is a prevalent free blogging platform among more youthful people. It's generally to share some gifs, pictures, art and maybe a couple of lines of motivational quotes. It is anything but an ideal blogging platform, yet on the off chance that you simply need to share a few pictures/pictures without taking any kind of action else, it may be your go-to blog platform.

Top 6  Best Free Blogging Platform

4. – is an incredible site building platform which is to make websites without coding, when you make website on Wix, it solicit what type from site you need to make , select 'Blog' and after that launch your free blog website on The platform gives fantastic site layouts to allowed to all clients, and for blogging it offers blog editor, comment box, free blog hosting, drag and drop website builder and more.

Top 6  Best Free Blogging Platform

5. Medium –

Medium isn't actually a blogging platform, however the distribution features of the platform are similar the same as blogging services. As an registered Client of, you publish stories on your own profile, and after that use your own profile you can make productions that work as a blog. Clients can either go with the free space name or add a custom domain name to their publication. You can include many editors or authors of your publication like blogging platform.

Top 6  Best Free Blogging Platform

6. Weebly –

Weebly resembles, it gives every one of the tools you have to make a site with no coding. Weebly is extremely simple to use Website Builder, it incorporates blogging features that enable you to publish blog posts on your Weebly fueled site. You can pick a free blog theme from the dashboard, and publish new blog posts from the page segment. Find increasingly about making pages and blogs.

Top 6  Best Free Blogging Platform

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