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How to Add Videos in Blogger Easy Steps

To set up your video to be presented on Blogger and not utilize any of your 15 GB of free storage, you'll need to alter it down to be under 15 minutes. On the off chance that it will be longer than that, you'll likely need to keep the measure of room it will expend as low as you can by compacting it so you accomplish the highest caliber with the smallest file size possible. We prescribe using the H.264 codec with your original record format, or far better, exchanging file format to .mp4. Likewise, on the off chance that you shot your video in full HD, you can lower down your record size by changing the aspect ratio to 1280 x 720.

On the off chance that you've just presented the video on another video hosting website, you can skip these means and install the video straightforwardly into Blogger.

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Posting Video In Blogger –

It is very easy to add a video to a Blogger Blog post.Fast on the blog article you want to add video on than click on the video icon in the top bar.

3 Way to Upload video on Blogger.

  1. Upload
  2. From YouTube
  3. My YouTube Videos

1. Upload -

If the video you want to upload to the blog is on your computer,then with this upload option you can upload the video.Whenever you want to upload a video from your computer,Google will host your video, store it on their server.

2. From Youtube -

When you want to use a YouTube video in your blog post then you can add YouTube video through the YouTube option. With this option you can add any YouTube video to your blog post.

3. My YouTube Video -

This option will show you all the videos you post under your Google Account on YouTube so that you can only select from the videos shown .

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