Top 7 Best Way to Earn Money In PUBG Mobile | PUBG Mobile Game

Top 7 Best Way to Earn Money In PUBG Mobile

If you are a pro gamer then you know about PUBG Mobile Game. The PUBG game was launched in 2017 with the mobile version PUBG Mobile 2018 and has become the most successful game. Now if you want to play this game properly then how to play PUBG mobile game. You can make money by playing this exciting game with real combat experience.

Top 7 Best Way to Earn Money In PUBG Mobile | PUBG Mobile Game

Nowadays, PUBG becomes a very popular game. This is an amazing shooter game that allows 100 players to compete against each other. Lastly, any one player or any one team wins.

Things You need at first To Earn money from PUBG Mobile  -

  • Smartphone
  • Headphone
  • Google Account
  • Internet
  • PUBG Mobile
  • DU Recorder

Today I'm going to talk about the 7 best ways you can make a lot of money through PUBG -

1.    Play PUBG at Lan Events
2.    Live Stream Game play on YouTube
3.     PUBG Mobile Tournaments
4.    Start PUBG Mobile Tutorial Blogs
5.    Sell PUBG Mobile Game Items
6.    Affiliate Marketing
7.    Sell Your PUBG Mobile Gaming Account

1.    Play PUBG at Lan Events –

If you want to take the competition to the next level, Lance Events is the perfect place for you.
Players can compete on the LAN at these national events. You can start looking at the LAN party and find one with high-quality rewards. Various companies include open tournaments for PUBG games at these national LAN events.

Top 7 Best Way to Earn Money In PUBG Mobile

You can also log in for the official PUBG Mobile Europe League. And the best part of it is that certain tournaments allow any random team to log in.

Trust me this is a great and best way to make some money playing PUBG games.

2.    Live Stream Game play on YouTube –

If you are a professional player on PUBG Mobile and you love to play games then you do not just sit and create a channel on YouTube right now.

Top 7 Best Way to Earn Money In PUBG Mobile

Record your gameplay videos and upload them to YouTube. Now on whose day everyone likes to watch gameplay.

You can record multiple videos on different maps for how to get the best loot, how to survive, how to win a war, or fun moments. You can showcase something new that you haven't seen before.
And, the best part is that without a smartphone with decent specification you don't need any investment which can easily deliver the game as well as a fast internet connection.

How to Live Stream –

First, you have to collect all the components and download the software applications then follow this to create a YouTube channel using Google account.

Tutorial -

You have to open the PUBG game, if you are new you need to log in to the game. You can use any Facebook or Twitter account or play in a guest mode without logging in. After you open the game, go back to the home screen.

Now you have to launch the Do Recorder app but always remember to record your screen with a notification and password when you start recording. But first, you need to log in through YouTube rather than setting up live stream video quality at your network speed.

Then you need to select the option of screen recording. Now you're almost ready but you'll need to edit the YouTube live streaming title and description before you can go live. There are a few options like secret/show chat, hidden / show do recorder watermark, etc. Now you have gone live by clicking the Live option directly.

Go back to the home screen and open the PUBG game again and start playing with it. You must leave comments with your audience while you are playing the game.

3.    PUBG Mobile Tournaments –

Millions of gamers play PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) mobiles every day, and most of them are addicted to it.

Top 7 Best Way to Earn Money In PUBG Mobile

Everyone is trying to win the game and get a better rank or title.

In addition to PUBG mobile tournaments to prove your ability as a pro-gamer, you can earn a lot of money by winning or organizing a PUBG Mobile Tournament.

Winning Tournaments -

You can win prize money by entering the PUBG Mobile Official Tournament as well as you will get the frame and it will grow your channel. Then you will become many contacts and acquaintances in the meantime.

Organize Tournaments  -

You can also host a PUBG Mobile Tournament. You can charge a small amount and keep the price lower than the money collected.

You will need a room card to host a tournament. But don't worry that you can get it by playing games and archive points.

First of all, you will know everything about the tournament and then organize the tournament. With this, you can really make good money.

Buy a custom room card -

You can create custom rooms to play PUBG with your friends or organize custom PUBG tournaments. This will require a custom room card.

You will need to complete the daily clan challenges to buy clan point rewards and a room card for 300 descent points.

Create a custom room -

A PUBG room is a place where you can organize PUBG tournaments by recruiting custom squads or players. But in the Map menu, select the Room option and then click Create Room.

Choose related options, including game maps, squad types, and passwords if you only want to restrict access to rooms for registered players.

Now, you can click the Create Room button below, and your PUBG room is now live to play a custom match. Then pass the ID, password and time of the room to the registered members or players you want to allow in the match.

Promote Your PUBG Mobile Tournaments –

Here are a few ways to get enough players to take part in your PUBG Mobile Tournament.

1.    FaceBook
2.    YouTube
3.    Instagram
4.    Whatsapp Groups
5.    Twitter

4.    Start PUBG Mobile Tutorial Blogs –

Since PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular games, many people search for tips, tricks, hacks and the latest news daily.

Top 7 Best Way to Earn Money In PUBG Mobile

There are many keywords/phrases you can target and create and a blog or website dedicated to PUBG Mobile. This blog or website can be good earnings by placing an advertisement.

You can add various tutorials such as videos published on YouTube or other video sites, news and updates, tips, FAQs, Armory information, skins, ranking systems, etc. Your channel can be further promoted by sharing videos of your channel.

YouTube viewers who publish/stream PUBG Mobile can embed video content on their website.

5.    Sell PUBG Mobile Game Items –

I'm sure most of you are familiar with some of the battle points in PUBG. This is a great opportunity to earn money from PUBG by collecting Battle Points or buying Crate.

Top 7 Best Way to Earn Money In PUBG Mobile

You can make some real cash by selling these PUBG items to other PUBG Mobile Game players. And this is the only reason that a lot of PUBG players collect valuable items and credits so they can sell them at a good price.

You can sell this national crate or item on various websites. Opskins is a platform where you can expect to get some extra money for these national PUBG items.

6.    Affiliate Marketing –

Sometimes pro-gamers use some fancy or advanced gadgets to play games to get more realistic game experience. You may be using the same.

Followers of this national player can ask them about these national gadgets and other accessories that they use while playing PUBG games.

Top 7 Best Way to Earn Money In PUBG Mobile

Since your followers can ask you which devices or accessories to play in PUBG Mobile, you can refer them to a few high-quality items and earn strong passive income through affiliate marketing.
Not limited to smartphones, earphones & headphones, gaming PCs, and other accessories, but it has plenty to promote.

So you just have to mention their top quality items and earn some money commissions on that product. This is a great way to make some passive income through affiliate marketing.
You can earn around 1% -10% commission per sale, which can go up to 50%.

7.    Sell Your PUBG Mobile Gaming Account –

Player Unknown Battlefield accounts are often sold on the Internet. Being a game has immediate value in your account.

Top 7 Best Way to Earn Money In PUBG Mobile

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