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How to Make Money on Instagram with ClickBank

Creating a business on Instagram is a popular way to make extra income or replace your full-time job. Thousands of people have taken advantage of their huge Instagram following and have used it to monetize their accounts. There are many ways to make money through Instagram, including selling products or services, hiring sponsored posts, and affiliate marketing. No matter what you choose to do in one or more of these, you are well on your way to a better income. But if you're not sure where to start, you can use an online affiliate marketplace like Clickbank to help. Keep reading to learn more about how to make money on Instagram with ClickBank.

How to Make Money on Instagram with Clickbank

What Is a ClickBank?

Clickbank is a worldwide Internet retailer that sells hundreds of digital and physical products to various manufacturers and online marketers.

How to Make Money on Instagram with Clickbank

What makes ClickBank unique is that they allow digital marketers to promote these products and earn commissions for each sale. This is known as affiliate marketing.

The ClickBank platform is one of the most well-known and trusted affiliate programs on the web.

How does it work?

In other words, ClickBank is the creator of digital products such as eBooks, videos, music, etc., and who can sell these products, that is, between authorized affiliate marketers.

How to Make Money on Instagram with Clickbank

Here are 5 easy steps to making money on Instagram with Clickbank

1. Make Quality Profile
2. Large Audience
3. Signup to ClickBank
4. Find a Profitable Nich
5. Promote Those Products
6. Advertisement on Instagram

How to Make Money on Instagram with Clickbank

1. Make Quality Profile –

The first thing you should consider is how your Instagram account looks. You will need a quality profile photo, descriptive bio, and an interesting feed. Your profile photo should have a nice front image of you or the professional logo. Your biography needs to explain who you are and what your account is about. Make it clear so potential followers know if they are interested in your content. And of course, it would be nice to see your photos. Edit each photo before posting it and try to create a cohesive look in your photo feed.

How to Make Money on Instagram with CLICKBANK

1. Create a unique username that corresponds to your niche.
2. Keep a descriptive bio that explains what your products and pages are about.
3. Let your niche be included in your bio
4. Upload quality photos related to your niche.

2. Large Audience –

First, fill out the bios and use a beautiful profile picture. The funny thing is, let your profile picture (brand) be related to your niche. Also, post pictures and videos regularly. Also, start growing your followers. It is suggested that you naturally grow your following. The following/following styles work well.

How to Make Money on Instagram with Clickbank

Instagram limits the number of people you can follow per person. You need to trending posts with relevant hashtags. Right now, there is no limit to the number of people you can follow on Instagram.
But to start, don't follow more than 300 people a day, and as the account gets older, this number can go up to 800 a day. You can also choose to buy followers as they bring in followers.

3. Signup to ClickBank –

A. Visit and Log on to Clickbank –

If you do not already have a Clickbank account, visit their website by clicking here. Once you return to the Home page, click "Create an Account" in the top menu. This will take you to the Account Setup page where you will need to fill in the required details.

Clickbank is completely free to join and all offers are accessible without authorization. Because of this, Clickbank is a great marketplace for newborn marketers.

B. Select the create account and input your details –

1. Accept the terms.
2. Create your username and password.
3. You need to take the ClickBank survey. It gives you the option of registering with ClickBank University, where you can learn more about affiliate marketing using ClickBank.

C. Find a Profitable Nich –

This is important enough to define your niche as your definition. Find people on your niche on Instagram. Let's consider some helpful tips for finding a profitable niche.

a. Find a niche you are familiar with. The more you know about the niche, the easier it is to promote the product. Here, you're equipped with product information that maximizes your sales to visitors in that niche.

b. Easy to get your niche on Instagram? Search for topics and hashtags on Instagram to find out how popular the niche is. If a product is not easily sold, there is no good in it.

5. Promote Those Products –

One of the best ways to make money on ClickBank is to start an affiliate Marketing or promotion page that is already optimized to build your sales funnels.

How to Make Money on Instagram with Clickbank

Like keyword research for many SEOs, picking the right product is crucial for promoting ClickBank. If you drive traffic to a sales page that you don't sell, you can't make much money regardless of how good you are at promoting.

Screening offers are a big part of knowing how to make money through Clickbank. The main thing we look for when it comes to screening offers is shot : -

A. Video sales page and "native" sales page.
B. Products with good reviews online.
C. Gravity is above 20.

6. Advertisement on Instagram –

How to Make Money on Instagram with Clickbank

Shorten the affiliate link with to put the link in your bio. Instruct your visitors to follow the link. You can also monitor the clicks you receive through Your sales can also be tracked with clicks.


How to Make Money on Instagram with CLICKBANK

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